Amplify HD

Amplify HD

Last year I wrote about how I got tired of slow Wifi and deployed Ubiquiti APs within my house. Having just moved, I decided to re-evaluate everything, even if it is relatively new. This new house has has much more square footage, as well as a yard. Since I did not intend on doing more drywall work, running CAT6 everywhere would not be super simple.

Between selling and buying houses, I had to stay with my in-laws. The performance of the Ubiquiti had spoiled me and their 5 year old Linksys would not do. On a whim, I deployed the Ubiquiti Amplify HD mesh system at their house and was amazed at the simple setup, the relatively high level of control, and the excellent performance. So that got me thinking, why not use this at home?

So that is what I did. I changed the setup a bit, however. I still use a cable modem connected to the Ubiquiti EdgeMax router. This is so I get more control over the WAN side, DHCP, VLANs, and VPN. After that, the Amplify HD is configured in bridge mode and connected to the router, acting just as a mesh WiFi setup.

The cool piece is the real-time display. Since it sits on my desk, I can see real time download and upload speeds, monthly limits, etc. Then from the app I can turn devices on/off and control more, even remotely.

I am quite pleased with this setup and would recommend it to anyone. If you are technologically advanced, throw the Edgemax in the front. If not, the setup of the Amplify alone is very easy, the app is simple (with great parental controls), and the performance is great.