Building a toy F1 steering wheel

Building a toy F1 steering wheel


My son is nine months old and has road rage. I don't think he gets that from me since when we drive he is rear-facing. Yet he seems to have a lot of fun every time I put him in front of a toy car driver's seat that he knows how to turn the wheel and shakes it like someone just cut him off.

Now that he's done that while out, I want to make one for him to play with at home. But a normal wheel isn't enough. He likes knobs, switches, and lights, so why not make an F1 wheel?
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Sketching It Out

I mention the road rage, not only because its funny, but because this is still a toy for a toddler. It needs to hold up. First thought, let's see if this already exists. There are high-end replicas (not a toy) and toys that get put on racing wheels for racing games (expensive). I did not see a good setup here.

Next up, someone must offer 3D printed shells. Well, not at what I want to pay. So I guess I'm gonna have to build it. At this point I'm thinking I can get a toy plastic wheel, cut it in half, get a box and put it in the middle, thatch with epoxy, bondo it up, put some knobs and lights on it, and done!

Only thing is that there aren't many Radio Shacks around anymore to look through the knobs and switches. I'll need a special trip for this.

Parts List

  • Wii racing wheel for Mario Kart - cheap now since we are past the Wii days
  • Hobby box or maybe old plastic VHS case
  • Adafruit Neo Pixel stick for shift indicator lights
  • Adafruit Trinket I have sitting around
  • Adafruit sound board
  • Cheap speaker, wire, etc
  • Misc. cheap switches, knobs, etc from Radio Shack
  • Bondo, epoxy, and hot glue
  • Still gotta figure out how to power this


  • Coming soon...