Current Podcast Lineup

Current Podcast Lineup

How I Listen

I use Pocket Casts to listen. I really only listen on my Android phone so I don't use any of the sync capabilities. However it is good to discover new podcasts. I do really like that I can start each podcast from a specific time code (skip the intros) and can play back at a faster speed, even cutting out dead air. It also gives interesting stats which are fun sometimes.

Current Podcast Lineups

In no particular order:


Video games


A podcast about speedy racecars (F1)

CU Podcast

Video game/pop culture


Deep dives into tech industry pockets

First Ring Daily


How I Built This

Back story on companies/startups

Mac Break Weekly

Apple tech

This American Life

Essays on life topics

The Ben Heck Show

Pop Culture/Tech

This Week In Google

Google Tech/Journalism

This Week In Tech


Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

NPR's (Comedic) News Quiz

Windows Weekly

Microsoft Tech