Halloween 2016 - Pt1: The Plan

Halloween 2016 - Pt1: The Plan

It's that time of year again!

This year, we are taking it a bit easy since we are trying to sell the house. So our theme is kind of a creepy house farm theme. Think the house from "The Devil's Rejects."

For the house setup, it will be pretty straight forward. I plan on boarding up the windows, projecting some serial killer footage from behind, putting assorted pumpkins and hay bales on the lawn, then some animatronics. This year from Spirit it will be the "Sitting Scarecrow" and "The Harvester". Of course some new ambient sounds and some good repeats.

Last up is my costume. I thought everyone shows up to my house for the attraction; apparently its for the scare. The feedback last year was people wanted to be scared. Honestly, I never thought I was that scary in the past.

So I plan on making a nameless killer costume. It is taking inspiration from Tiny from "The Devil's Rejects" as well as some of The Scarecrow and Leatherface.

A big part of that is being intimidating. I'll make my own mask from a burlap sack (for comfort I'll be wearing a head sock). The clothing will be distressed ones from a thrift store. But the intimidation factor will come from being on stilts. Oh, and a chainsaw.

Chainsaw is easy; I have a high end one and I'll just remove the chain. The stilts are a bit harder. Drywall stilts are a bit expensive for something I may never use again. So I'll make my own. The plan is to use wood for the top and bottom plates, 5/8 inch steel rods for the lift, make the rear rod longer (up to my knee) which I will strap to my leg with Velcro straps for rigidity, and attaching an old shoe to the plate.

Be sure to check out the next phases: Pt2: The Build and Pt3: The Result.