Magic Mirror Home Dashboard

Magic Mirror Home Dashboard

Ever since I saw Michael Teeuw's Magic Mirror three years ago, I was intrigued. Last year I started developing my own because I didn't like the flexibility his current solution provided. At the time, I didn't want to use NodeJS and the quantity of code didn't align for the simple thing I viewed. Since, they have developed a community.

At first I just wanted some top headlines and something super visual. Soon this grew to a world clock, weather, and the status of my main airport hubs, yet the visual flair was still missing. As I started to design my new office, I decided on a travel theme. With that, the concept of a global map of places I have visited for work seemed like an ideal centerpiece.

For a quick proof of concept, I did it in a few lines of PHP and threw it up on Azure. I then built out an Android app for a FireTV to display it. I ended up open sourcing all of it.

The house hunt to put this in took much longer than expected. As time passed, I worked on a few other projects. I needed to build out a simple to use Digital Signage solution for a local carnival. I used it as an opportunity to teach myself Windows 10 IOT, UWP, and, ironically, NodeJS. Those projects are here for the server component, admin scheduling component, and IOT viewer component.

This then sat on the back burner for a few months after the need subsided. However it just hit me that these solutions could come back full circle to turn this from a Magic Mirror to more of a Home Dashboard. Spending so much money on the house and furniture means designing the end goal of my office will probably have to be done in stages. Without the built in cabinet and two-way glass required for the Magic Mirror, mounting the TV normally and running with an Intel Compute Stick running Windows 10 IOT may be a better solution.

I ended up building this exact setup to then show the above globe dashboard, the current stocks for NASDAQ and DJI, and believe it or not the beautiful Apple TV screensavers. These rotate regularly and are called out in a json file so I can point directly to the videos I like. Since they are city fly overs, it matches my new theme perfectly. The countdown begins until they shut this access down...

EDIT: Installed!