My first Apple product in a decade

My first Apple product in a decade

With slight hyperbole, I have purchased my first Apple product since the iPhone 3GS was released in 2009 and the last non-unibody MacBook Pro was released in 2006. After years of not taking the pro market seriously for computers, and being outpaced on innovation by Android and Windows Phone in the mobile space, I walked away and didn't look back. I am incredibly happy with Windows 10 and the Surface line as well as the Nexus 6P I currently carry.

I couldn't even comprehend what Apple product line would enter my world. Those dopey looking headphone? Hah, I said upon announcement...

Sigh. So I have been using these AirPods for a very specific need lately. You will never pry my UE900s out of my hand unless I one day upgrade to molded IEMs. They make long flights or other extended use quiet and comfortable. But my son is a toddler and I frequently take him on walks, so I wanted a simple way to listen to an audiobook or podcast or take a work call. So I began looking around for a portable wireless headphone with good spoken word fidelity.

The regular roundup from searching online reviews yielded only a couple results. I wanted fully independent ear buds with no wire between them. This limited my results greatly. After that, battery life was the next consideration, along with price.

To my surprise, the Apple AirPods seem to have both the best battery life and the best price. Their dental floss case (convenient traveling case) also won me over versus the competition which has much bulkier cases or not good recharge times.

They are super portable and work great with Android, even without a battery indicator. I have only charged it when I got it then randomly in my car while I drive; not once have I been left without juice. They fit in my pocket with ease and the sound quality is top notch (again, I'm not listening to music). I can easily see where they will not fit in everyone's ear, but they fit fine in mine. Will this make me re-think getting an iPhone or MacBook? Not any time soon. But I am pleased with the experience nonetheless.

Also the case in unapologetic Apple white plastic, reminiscent of my old iBook, is my new fidget spinner.