Next "Laptop"

Next "Laptop"

My current daily driver is a Surface Pro 3. While it is the best machine I've owned, it still has been tossed around and used for almost two years. The roumors are no SP5 shortly, and while the power and style of the Surface Book is interesting, the cost and portability (dat gap) is an issue.

Lately, I've used the SP3 as much more of a dumb terminal. While I use PhotoShop on there occasionally, the day to day tasks are much easier. I browse the web, find the Office Mobile apps to cover 80% of what I need, present for work via the mini display port, and use OneNote / Windows Ink heavily. Much of anything else is done on my gaming PC at home or I VPN to home and RDP to it.

Concentrating on just the web browsing and ink/OneNote, Lenovo's new Yoga Book is super interesting.

The lack of USB-C for charging is annoying. However everything else looks great. I already travel with a universal folding keyboard so if I have super heavy work beyond what the Halo Keyboard is suited for, I can go into tent mode. Everything else, along with the $550 price tag, makes this super appealing.

I'll wait for it to come out to see the initial wave of reviews, but so far, this may stop me from getting the next Surface.