Podcasts 2021

Podcasts 2021
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What's Changed

I didn't think this needed an update. However my last post I spoke a lot about switching apps to Plex. After using it for probably six or eight months, I gave up; they simply are not investing into a usable podcast player. With bugs in tracking progress, not being able to skip forward/back, crashes, offline sync, and more, it simply wasn't worth my time. I revered back to Pocket Casts.

Current Podcast Lineups

In mostly alphabetical order:

Arms Control Wonk

Arms control, disarmament, and nonproliferation podcast.

Brad & Will Make a Tech Pod

Tech and games discussions

Carpool Critics

Movies and film

CU Podcast

Gaming and pop culture


Tech interviews


Industry analysis

F1 Beyond the Grid

F1 stories

The Grey Nato

Watches and lifestyle

Mac Break Weekly

Apple and tech

No Clip

Video game industry

Past Gas

It's about cars, its not about farts

Risky Business

Security and Tech

Shift F1

A podcast about speedy race cars (F1)

Spike's Car Radio

Cars and lifestyle

This American Life

pop culture

The Daily

NYT News

This Week In Tech


The Vergecast


Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Weekly NPR News Quiz