How I Listen

I use Pocket Casts to listen. I do really like that I can start each podcast from a specific time code (skip the intros) and can play back at a faster speed, even cutting out dead air. It also gives interesting stats which are fun sometimes.

For example, as of writing this, I have listened for 54 days, 11 hours since February of 2016. I have skipped 3 days, 3 hours of content. Gained 2 days, 6 hours by speeding up content and saved 3 days 6 hours by trimming silence and 13 hours 20 mins of skipping intros.

Current Podcast Lineups

In mostly alphabetical order:

Arms Control Wonk

The nuclear weapons, arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation podcast.

Ben Heck Dot Com Podcast

Nerd general isterest.


Video game

Beyond the Grid

F1 stories

CU Podcast

Gaming and pop culture


Bloomberg tech

First Ring Daily


How I Built This

Stories of company founding

Hodinkee Radio

Watches and Lifestyle

Mac Break Weekly

Apple and tech

Mouse Chat

Disney World News

No Clip

Video game industry

Not So Common

pop culture

Reply All

Pop Culture

Risky Business

Security and Tech

Software Engineering Radio

Software development

Shift F1

A podcast about speedy race cars (F1)

This American Life

pop culture

The Gray Nato

Watches and lifestyle

The Beastcast

Video games

The Daily

NYT News

This Week In Google

Google and Tech

This Week In Tech


The Vergecast


The Best and Worst of Walt Disney World

Disney World

Windows Weekly

Microsoft and Tech

What the Tech


Word and Wound

Watches and lifestyle

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Weekly NPR News Quiz