The "Mommy's Not Dead" Alarm

The "Mommy's Not Dead" Alarm

My wife has a fear that she will fall or die while I'm traveling and that our son will be left alone in the crib for hours. Yea, morbid way to start a post. Anyway, we could have a "If I don't hear from you at x time" texting rule, but I think I can solve this with technology.

I've been using the Amazon dash buttons for a while. They are very convenient. Just buy the button, assign it to a product, then when out, you press it and Amazon delivers it a few days later. We have them for tons of stuff from granola bars to toilet paper. However I discovered they sell them for "IOT". When you press it, it will run arbitrary code in AWS. Perfect.

They are $20 a piece, but you do get a $20 AWS account credit. Not sure I will need that based on my usage. First, AWS is running a promotion where I get to try it for a year. Next, the first million Lambda requests per month are free and $0.0000002 per request thereafter.

So I buy it, follow the setup guide to connect it to my AWS account and my WiFi, and write ten lines of python code (Node and others work), dump my pip packages to the same directory and upload it. Done.

Now this is super simple. Lambda just runs stateless code. Pushbullet just is a delivery channel. Next up I will probably combine it with an alert system that if the baby is asleep for too long I get a notification.