What I Use - Travel Summer 2016

What I Use - Travel Summer 2016


As a professional business traveler, I figure I would point out what I typically carry with me or use at all times. I've spent a lot of effort minimizing what I carry, going from a large backpack to a small sling since, like a goldfish, I grow to the size of my environment.

Here is the current list of things I carry with me, broken down by where they are kept. For trips out of the house, it is just the first section. Business trips adds my laptop bag. Overnight trips adds the suitcase. However trade shows I try and get away with just the phone, battery, charger, business cards, and sometimes phone charger in my pocket.


Laptop Bag


  • Delsey Helium Spinner Half-Height
  • Or Rush 12 backback depending on length of stay
  • TSA-Approved clear travel 3-1-1 toiletries bag and refillable shampoo/body wash containers
  • Huawei Watch charger
  • Lightening to USB cable

Apps / Services

  • Auto backup pictures to OneDrive
  • TSA Precheck and Global Entry - Don't take anything out of my bag anymore and get through security in minutes
  • TripIt Pro but I always forward trip info into it. I don't let it have access to my email directly
  • Keep copies of all rewards cards in OneNote (hotel, airlines, etc)
  • AA Mobile App (displays on watch, too) but I always print my boarding pass. I cannot stand the people that take 40 extra seconds trying to scan their phone or watch
  • Amazon Prime and Video - I use Prime and change shipping date out to get free digital credits, then use those credits to rent movies when I take long flights
  • Untappd - track all my beer check-ins around the globe
  • OpenFlights.org consumes all my travel and TripIt data and plots it nicely, as well as offers simple export options
  • Ubiquiti Edge Router X stays at home as my router, but offers VPN (among a million other amazing features at $49) so I can connect to my computer house from the road
  • Google Music
  • Skype to see my family