[WIR] - Algorithms to Live By

[WIR] - Algorithms to Live By

What I Read Series

Algorithms to Live By

Written by: Brian Christian , Tom Griffiths
Narrated by: Brian Christian
Length: 11 hrs and 50 mins


I often try and read as an escape, so while this was an interesting concept, I put off reading this one for quite a while, worried that it would require an active brain to follow. While that did end up being true, I regret waiting so long to start this one.

I ended up graduating college with a degree in information systems and a minor in business and psychology. In addition to trying to keep my health insurance by keeping a the government-mandated number of credits, I think that we can design user experiences, program flows, and data storage and retrieval by better understanding the human behind the screen. Perhaps this is why this book called out to me. It offers a framework of logic behind decisions made every day in our lives, parallel to computing.

Now would I recommend this one? It certainly requires a certain type of reader. You need to like non-fiction and have a basic understanding of statistics and logic. A desire to learn more about the human mind and psychology certainly helps, too, as you will walk away with a new way of thinking about how you made decisions. However if you do fit this criteria, or really want to venture out, it is worth a read.