[WIR] - A Spy's Guide to Thinking

[WIR] - A Spy's Guide to Thinking

What I Read Series

A Spy's Guide to Thinking

Written by: John Braddock
Narrated by: Kevin Pierce
Length: 1 hr and 2 mins


Very short read. I picked it out based on the recommendations from some of the Baer books I read previously. All in all, it wasn't worth the credit I spent. It had one or two interesting points or ways to think about situations. For example, he mentioned that every situation is either a positive-sum, negative-sum, or zero-sum engagement. Knowing that and what game the other person is playing, can be useful. Applying this to a common situation in my life (negotiating sales), if I think the other party is playing a zero-sum game (I reduce my price, he keeps more money), I can try and change the game (elevate the situation to a mutually beneficial state or positive-sum). However most everything, including this, I already knew. This just put wording or better described it.