[WIR] - The Challenger Sale

[WIR] - The Challenger Sale

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The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation

Written by: Matthew Dixon , Brent Adamson
Narrated by: Matthew Dixon , Brent Adamson
Length: 5 hrs and 43 mins


This was a career read. It was not the most interesting material so I can't say I recommend it for fun. However in sales its good to get as many different points of view as possible; you never know who you are going to work with and what approaches work best.

The author made some excellent points on the evolution of the customer. They are much more educated and the old days of the relationship sales guy no longer works across the board. With this much more educated customer, they come to the table knowing more about the market and competition than ever, as reflected by this "New Sales Funnel" which has been making the rounds online.

Having the approach of challenging the customer is an technique many shy away from at first blush. It can come off as confrontational if not handled correctly. However challenging the way people think about the bigger picture is beginning to work more than ever. People don't want to see the same slide deck... "Here is our board. Here are our customers. Buy our product." Everything looks the same. However the data presented here proves that to be a top producing salesman for complex solutions, the challenger is the way forward. And even better, once the sale is complete, it easily lets you become the trusted adviser.

Not the most interesting read, but completely applicable to my current job.