[WIR] - The Three-Body Problem

[WIR] - The Three-Body Problem

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The Three-Body Problem

Written by: Cixin Liu
Narrated by: Luke Daniels
Length: 13 hrs and 26 mins


I am not a fan of science fiction books. Normally, I rarely read any fiction. However this book got referenced on a few podcasts I listen to and by a friend. Having an extra Audible credit, I downloaded it. That credit certainly gave me my moneys worth: 13.5 hours. But what was my opinion?

I was told this book was the first of a trilogy, but clearly I didn't recall that when I purchased and started. The short summary I was previously given was "what would earth do if it was told it had 400 years before extra terrestrials showed up" and that's what I expected to see in this book. Well, that was the last hour or so. The rest was the setup. Turns out, that book is really the next one in the trilogy. The whole time I kept looking at the progress and asking myself "...so when do the aliens come?"

Did it keep my interest? Yea, it started slow but I still plowed through it. In fact, I got a few achievements in the Audible app for listening so much so quickly. I really chalk this up to my recent business travel: 4 trips in 5 days. If I didn't have that combined close-proximity listening time, I probably would have put this down. However crushing it in that short duration made me want to keep going.

If nothing else, I did buy the second book in the series. We will see if that leaves me feeling the same as that is the ultimate test: less travel as I approach the end of the year, yet it is the part of the trilogy that piqued my interest originally.